Hani Trans GmbH global logistics is a fast growing international freight forwarding company based in
Germany. We provide international shipping and logistics solutions. We offer reliable and economic
freight shipping solutions for cargo transportation and transport logistics services from Euro Union
countries to Middle East and vice versa. We are engaged in all modes of logistics services, air, sea, land
and multimodal freight forwarding and a lot of related services.

The Company provides international shipping and logistics solutions to the clients. Hani Trans GmbH is
managed by a group of highly experienced management professionals. Our highly professional and
experienced team committed to offer quality services to our international and domestic clients.

We are more concerned in adaptability and it has been continued to be possible because of our people.
We always keen to hire sincere and committed employees, and to create a working atmosphere in
which they can fully recognize their strength and range while delivering best results which ensure our
success and your satisfaction. We are completely involved to provide excellent standard of service to
our clients, allowing them in turn to improve their own business performance.

We always compete to develop better, more efficient ways to do business, whether it is by
implementing sophisticated end technology, increasing the area of services we provide, or expanding
our network of branches and warehouses. This dynamic mind‐set is reflected in our services and
produces a tradition of warm business culture which is intrinsic to every part of the company.